Mar 3 2014

Painting in Progress



This painting has been an experiment in color layering.  Instead of mixing the colors before painting with them, I have been using one color at a time across the entire canvas, applying them in washes layered atop one another.  Starting with gray, then yellow, then red, and onward.  As the painting progresses it’s been very interesting to see the way in which the under layers shine through even if they’ve been covered numerous times.  While I do not think this is the most time effective way to create a portrait, it has certainly been helpful in achieving more depth in the skin tones in particular.  Changing your normal way of doing things is a great way to learn something new, and gain fresh perspective when repetition weighs you down.


Jan 25 2011


There is a growing collection of beat up candlesticks in my studio waiting to become something new, and from among them, Mona was born.  Named for her haunting eyes and conspicuously missing eyebrows, she’s Mona with a bit of a steampunk edge.  Her hair is courtesy of a sheep in Wales,UK, her nosestud a tiny vintage watch gear.