Jul 24 2009


Cocoon began as a figure based atop a vintage receipt spike I found at my favorite local resale shop, Treasure Mart.  The spike itself is was used as both an armature and inspiration for how the figure took shape.  I have been wanting to experiment with using glass eyes, and found these (as well as many more pair waiting in my studio) from a fellow etsian.  For the cocoon itself, I used a long “scrap” of gorgeous hand-dyed yarn bought at another A2 local shop, Busy Hands, originally intended to make a scarf for myself, although I’ve already begun and undone said scarf 4 or 5 times (hence the “scrap”).  With several more receipt spikes in my studio, there will be more sculptures to come, but only one Cocoon.  You can find him for sale on etsy.



Jul 21 2009

A Fairy Creation

After several years of visiting the many fairy doors of Ann Arbor, I recently I found myself creating my first ever winged sculpture. I had not set out to make a contribution to the fairy genre, but when this figure started to emerge from my studio, wings seemed to be just what she needed.  That, and a tutu made of countless layers of black tulle.  You can find her for sale on etsy.