About the Artist

My name is Deanne Neiburger, and I am the artist, blogger, creator, and businesswoman known as Deets. I live and work in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and continue to be inspired by the Ann Arbor community, the beautiful Huron river and its surrounding trails, and any and all travels I have had the fortune to experience.

My artistic journey began as an aerospace engineer at the University of Michigan, quickly finding that I much preferred my figure drawing studio to Fortran. After two years in the school of engineering, I  transferred into the U of M School of Art, and finished my college years with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, majoring in figurative sculpture.

Working in polymer clay has been my love for the past 16 years, sparked by the creation of my first wedding cake topper (my own!) Since then I have created countless sculptures for people commemorating important events or passions in their lives, and it continues to be a great pleasure. After years of creating custom work, I have also begun to sculpt characters previously only residing in my imagination. Keep checking back, as I will continue to let them out, and play with new ideas of incorporating metal pieces, animals, fabric and whatever else comes to mind.

In addition to this site, you can see my work for sale at deetsy.etsy.com, part of a wonderful site dedicated to the world of handmade.