I LOVE trades

One of my favorite parts of being an artist is the appreciation and respect the community shows to one another.  We know the work that goes into something, and like to support one another whenever we can.  It often leads to me spending much of my earnings before going home for the day… and sometimes I get lucky and the artist wants what I make and I want what they make, and we trade.

The Rust Belt Market has been a fabulous place to buy and sell, and luckily, trade a little too.  For the price of a couple of bots I was able to get two new necklaces, one from the Earthenwood Studio and another from Illumination Jewelry.

The Earthenwood Studio is a combination of handcrafted ceramic beads and pendants, and unique artisan and usa-made jewelry supplies.  Melanie Brooks is the artist behind the studio, and her work is fabulous!  I fell in love with her porcelain “gear” pendants, and with the addition of two adorable gear findings it makes a wonderfully unique necklace.

Another artist at the Rust Belt is Stacy Dumas, known as Illumination Jewelry. Her work is varied, from feathers, birch pendants and bracelets, leather rings and cuffs, paintings, and vintage finds – a fascination with clowns.  Her booth at the market is an ever changing display that pulls you in, and lets you find a new treasure each time you explore.

This weekend you’ll be able to find all three of us at the Rust Belt Market again, along with 60 some odd other vendors you don’t want to miss.  The Rust Belt will be open Friday 6-10 (to coincide with a ton of awesome Pride events in dowtown Ferndale, including a march that comes right through the market itself), and both Saturday and Sunday, 11-7. Word is there’s a coffee roaster right next to me this weekend.. what service! :)

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  • Joshua A. Gaudette Says:

    Just met you at the Rust Belt. Spoke of Videodrome. I’d like to trade for a cathode octopus tube. Great work. The subject matter resonates with my soul.


    P.s. theirs a etsy plug-in for wordpress where it shows your etsy products in your widgetized zones. Check it out, looks like a good fit for your site.

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