AADL Fairy Housing

The fairy house at the Ann Arbor District Library has unfortunately suffered some structural issues, and as we all really want the fairies to stick around, I have begun building a new abode.  The first step was to take a trip to the always amazing King Books in Detroit.  As you can see, after wandering the aisles of their children’s books I was able to put together a wonderful collection of books to use.



In order to prevent the same type of damage as happened to the original, I am constructing a wooden box to be used as the primary structure rather than simply using the books themselves.  The back panel will be removable to make repairs or additions possible, and I have run copper tape wiring throughout, with tiny outlets to be able to have table lamps and overhead lighting to read and work by.


The floors were laid one plank at a time with thin strips of maple wood which will then be stained and varnished.  I plan to use dollhouse beadboard for the lower part of the walls, and illustrations from the books as wallpaper.  The windows holes are cut, and trim will be added later.  The early stages and planning are going well, but there is a lot more work to do!  Before I go any further, however, the whole home will be taken in the library to make sure that the existing door will line up with the new room.



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