Feb 6 2013

New Hobby

I have a terrible habit of acquiring hobbies, each of which becomes a bit of an obsession, and my latest is no exception.



This dollhouse was a present to my grandmother in the late 1980s, and was met at first with grumpiness from my grandfather who thought it was too big, and it’s not like hobbies were in short supply for my grams either (yes, it’s a family trait)  However, in no time we found him spending hour after hour in their basement, the dollhouse becoming as much his hobby as hers, and eventually leading to a tripling in size of the original kit.  The arrival of the dollhouse coincided with his retirement, and the combination was a perfect fit.  The kit portion was the left hand side up to the tower.  The entire portion to the right of the tower was an addition designed and executed by my gramps.

The house was electrified and fully finished, with wood floors, working windows, and wallpaper in every room.  Unfortunately, the combination of time and a somewhat damp basement led to many repairs being needed. After a stay with my sister who began the process of removing damaged wood and starting the redo and update of the electrical, I have inherited the house and continued its rehab.

The first project I tackled was to reclaim as much of the oak flooring as possible and use it to redo the wraparound porch.  The porch was stripped, and oak planks were fitted and laid down one at a time, stained, varnished, and trimmed with quarter round and maple cap trim along the front edge.  The same stain was used on some of the exterior details, such as the shutters and railings, giving a bit more contrast to the exterior.




As my wonderful sister has pointed out, this latest hobby is either perfect for me, or truly dangerous.  It feeds all of those perfectionist tendencies, takes countless hours of creating, and has no end in sight…  I’m going with “perfect” for me.