Apr 30 2011

Flint Handmade Spring Craft Market

I’ll be participating in the Flint Handmade Spring Craft Market this Saturday, May 7th.  Look for my booth in the Loft.  The first 25 shoppers will receive a swag bag, including a cute little robot pendant I’ve made for the occassion.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Apr 27 2011

Craft Revival

In the midst of gearing up to begin the Spring show season, I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful Handmade Detroit event at the Loving Touch, Ferndale.  It was the third annual Craft Revival, showcasing some of the best handmade vendors in the Detroit area, including Dang Argyle, Phantom Limb, Perfect Laughter, Re-Zip It, Reware Vintage, and Barrel of Monkeys among others… the list is awesome.

After some wonderful conversations and a purchase of a bracelet and flower brooch from Re-Zip It, I was inspired and ready to make!  If you haven’t seen the zipper awesomeness yet, no worries.  Re-Zip It will be in the Flint Handmade Spring Craft Market May 7-8th, along with yours truly.

Apr 18 2011

A2 Awesomeness…. better known as Festifools

Without a doubt, Festifools is my favorite A2 weekend of the year.  A parade for giant puppets and foolishness, for no religious or political reason whatsoever… how can you top that?!  With more foolishness of course.  This year in addition to the Festifools parade, Friday night was a celebration of the Fools Moon.  I got so excited at the idea that I began a much too large project and ended up with a quick Eli solution… glowsticks inside a balloon, tied to a stick.  The luminary lucky cat will have to make his debut another year.

After the Fools Moon on Friday night, we REALLY didn’t want to miss out on being a part of the Festifools parade this year.  Enter Chibi Robo, the Halloween costume we made for our son in preschool.  Chibi Robo was modified with an extension pole, paint roller and trigger mechanism to control his head, two long dryer vent arms and aluminum foil wrapped wire claws, just the right size for hugging small childrens’ heads.

Modifications are already being planned for next year, along with the addition of Chibi’s sidekick Telly -the foundation of which will be our daughters costume from the same year.

Ann Arbor, thanks for being such a foolish community. (Click here for more foolishness).  These are the times I’m reminded why I call you home.