Feb 11 2011


I love color.  Patterns and color combinations create their own pulse, and play with your senses the longer you look.  Those paintings that non-painters look at and say “even I can do that” can be deceivingly difficult.  They are rarely about technical abilities, but rather about ideas.  Combining just the right colors and shapes to achieve the effect you want.  I always wonder how much the artist plans and how much the work takes shape in the process itself.  For all the talk of nothing new under the sun, every now and again I see an artist creating something with a new twist. Holton Rower‘s pour paintings are just that.  Sit back and enjoy!

Feb 10 2011

Card Catalog Time Travel

Thanks to the U of M selling off their remaining card catalogs, I have a genuine (huge and heavy) piece of history in my studio.  There are 4 drawers of science, two more of science fiction, 6 drawers of sculpture, and everything else between science and sw.  My intent is to use the 96 drawers for art supply storage…. so far I have emptied out less than a dozen.  The cards are being put to good use, as tags, thank you cards, signage at my art show booths, and paper crafting supplies.

Late last night I opened another drawer and began flipping through, getting lost in another world.  The titles and dates alone were fascinating.  One in particular, “A Scripture-Line of Time” written by Beverly Thomas in 1684 made me want to dig deeper.  Over 300 years ago, people were already trying to reconcile what science was teaching us with what they wanted to believe.

Of course, after showing my ulotrichous the card, he stated the obvious – let’s see if we can find the book!… and here it is, digitized by google from the U of M collection.  Ain’t technology great?

Feb 3 2011


I had been creating a line of superheroes destined for life as finger puppets, but with six heads created I hit a wall.  For several months now, the Sneer, Aardvark, Gothra, the Butterfly, the Ponderer and a couple of unknowns have been staring up at me from my sculpting desk, a constant reminder that they are so close, and yet so far from finished.  My genius better half suggested that I make them into rod puppets instead, instantly solving the problems I was having.  Genius, I say!

the Sneer is nearly complete, the sculpting done, and his shirt in progress (seriously challenging my sewing skills, a plaid button down shirt in miniature).  He still needs to be painted and his rods attached, but then, voila!  My first puppet.