Jan 27 2011

Michigan wedding

I had the pleasure of creating a wedding topper for a local couple this fall, and I figure it’s about time to share the photos.  Congratulations to Tricia and Ryan, married October 23,2010!

Jan 26 2011


I love the world of munny, and thanks to my fabulous sis in law, a mini raffy has been watching over my desk the past couple months.  This is my first mod, and so far, so good.  He’s made it through the first bake unscathed, and the bond between the clay and vinyl is even better than I was expecting.

Still to come, horns, floppy ears, a club tail, and some cute/vicious claws.

Jan 25 2011


There is a growing collection of beat up candlesticks in my studio waiting to become something new, and from among them, Mona was born.  Named for her haunting eyes and conspicuously missing eyebrows, she’s Mona with a bit of a steampunk edge.  Her hair is courtesy of a sheep in Wales,UK, her nosestud a tiny vintage watch gear.

Jan 19 2011


Late January in Michigan can be a winter wonderland of sledding and snow sculpting and snuggling by the fire while everthing outside sparkles with snow and ice, fields of white everywhere….. or it can be really cold and wet, with the snow too wet to sled on and too slushy to sculpt.  Last week, winter wonderland (although no sculpting yet, as the snow never got to a good packing state); this week, yuk.

So with the winter blues hitting hard, what better time to remember one of the moments that make up for days like this?  I’m speaking of the Big Chill, of course.  Thanks to our wonderful friend, he and four tickets to the game came to Ann Arbor for the weekend.  Painfully, I couldn’t go to the game,  but my boys went and soaked it all in.  Fireworks, a stealth flyover, and a world record for attendance (85,451) of an ice hockey game.  Anywhere.  Ever.  The icing on the cake.  The cake was Michigan’s clobbering of Michigan State.  The icing, the record.  All on the plate of the Big House.  And there were 113,411 forks.

The following afternoon was open skating on the Big House ice.  The field was covered in snow, with the zambonis working double overtime to keep up with the snow falling down as the skaters shivered and smiled.  We made it just in time, as the snow was coming down harder than the zambonis could zamboni.  The session after ours was the last.

Jan 18 2011

Tube Jackpot

OK, I really hit the vacuum tube jackpot at Treasure Mart thanks to Mark Oppat and his Old Radio Parts. I now am the proud owner of tubes galore, and a TV repair case that has that strangely delightful scent of old cardboard and grease.

(For all of the tube collectors out there, no worries, these are all non-functioning or obsolete)

A couple hours of sorting and cleaning later, and I have filled my baskets to the brim with tubes now destined to become octopi, rockets, monsters, robots, and bugs.  Now to get making!!

Jan 11 2011

Clay Lab Detroit

The holiday season was very good to me.  So good, I forgot to stop and smell the roses! or blog.   I was extremely fortunate to participate in several shows in and around Detroit, including:

-Art in the Park in Ypsilanti, put together by the wonderful Kate Kehoe of Chicalookate

-Flint Handmade‘s Holiday Market

-the amazing Detroit Urban Craft Fair at the Fillmore in Detroit, put on by Handmade Detroit

-and DIYpsi, a new show held at Woodruff’s in Depot Town, put together by several fantastic artist/crafters, Sherri Green of Sparklepants Industries,  Marcy Davy of All Things Grow , and Cre Fuller of Tin Angry Men.

Every show I not only had the opportunity to sell, but also met new artists, new customers, and made some absolutely fantastic gift purchases and trades.

One of the artists that I had the fortune of trading with (and sharing the stage with at DUCF), was Clay Lab Detroit.  Not only are they a fantastic couple, helping make DUCF that much more fun, but their work is amazing.  The majority of the pieces are created by Carrie Armstrong Reid, with MattReid creating signature pieces of his own and helping with glazing and the other technical side of things.  I absolutely love the ball mugs, and now I only wish I had a whole cupboard full of horny mugs as well!

Jan 5 2011

A New Year

A few nights ago I saw a cloud over Kerrytown that made it look as though the whole building were on fire. The entire sky filled with intense color, and as I drove up the hill home, it played tricks on my eyes like a rainbow…….. a beautiful winter sky.

Now, I’m a fan of resolutions, but resolutions of the wanna try or do list variety.  The good bits. The no pressure kind.  Well, I have some of the others too, but that’s irrelevant to this story….  The flames got me thinking of my resolution to get a Rocket tattoo, and, as luck would have it,  the fantastic artist Jen Munford was in at Name Brand Tatoo today.  After a nice lunch with my love I went back in to get this, and even in time to pick up the kids from school… bonus points!!