Aug 30 2010

Meet Frank N. Bot

I know it’s a little early; I realize the caramel marshmallows are not back yet; I know it was hot today, but I just love Halloween.  And really, if there’s a holiday to decorate for, Halloween is it.  I mean, you put up some fake spidey webs now, and take a little housework break til November.  Sounds good, am I right?

So anyway, here’s what I wanted to show you.  A Halloween version of my little bots, and a taller, dangly armed version of everyones favorite, Frank N. Bot.  You can find them for sale in my etsy shop.

So next I’m thinking pumpkin heads, I’m thinking ghosts, I’m thinking skeletons… what’s your favorite?

Aug 25 2010

Drifting down the Huron River

Ahhh…. one of our favorite things to do in summertime.  The slowness of a summer river made the most recent trip a relaxing, lazy coast downstream.  Along the way several turtles were spotted, some new-ish graffiti, a couple of small furry types, and a heron which didn’t appreciate how long I was staring.

This has been a truly beautiful summer.

Aug 25 2010

For the love of octopi

I’ve been really enjoying sculpting octopi.  Here’s one of the first guys.  I’m making some big, some small, some beaded, some not.  They all make me smile.  You can never go wrong with a cephalopod.

Aug 20 2010

Maker Faire, Vacation, Now Back to Work

The first Detroit Maker Faire was a resounding success, a fantastic, inspiring weekend.  I’m going to share all the pictures with you, but I only managed to take two.  All of that awe inducing awesomeness left me a bit distracted.

Along with too many others to list, I saw an egg being turned into art right before my eyes, unbelievably awesome giant puppets, a bit dragon parade (disclaimer, I am married to its head maker), and all sorts of handmade artisans and makers displaying their wares.

It was an honor to be a part of it, and the two editor’s choice blue ribbons for my booth were icing on the cake.  Watch next summer for when they come back, and get making!