Feb 8 2010

What’s all this talk of a new studio?!

There are no signs of autumn.  In fact, there aren’t that many signs of winter right now other than the cold, and snow from a recent storm that posed the all important question:  should I leave the dog poo because it’ll all be buried again soon anyway, or does that mean I should go chisel it out of my yard so it doesn’t all get buried only to be rediscovered when the snow melts?

Ahem, so on to what I was going to share with you… the studio project.  For those who follow me on twitter or facebook, you’ve probably been wondering…. where are the pictures?!  Well, the long wait is over, but like any storyteller, I wouldn’t want to reveal everything at once.  I’ll start at the beginning, and maybe string you along for a little bit.  Spoiler alert, it’s a happy ending.

Chapter 1: the Beginnings

We have been in our Ann Arbor home since the summer of 1999, and when we bought this fixer upper there was an interesting (ramshackle) garage on our property.  The wood was rotting, the roof leaked and was more than a little in need of reinforcement, oh, and you couldn’t get a car in without scraping off the entire bottom.  It was all good though.  Over the years it held our yard tools, bikes, home improvement yuk between trips to the dump, and each winter this endearingly decrepit structure became home to some fortunate wild animal.  Every year was going to be the year it collapsed, every heavy storm brought with it the thought that we would have a good excuse to build our studio.  And then, a decade later, the shed was still standing.

Time to take matters in to our own hands (or that of our wonderful contractor, since, over the course of those 10 years, we also found that diy is not all it’s cracked up to be.)

In memorium, the Shed ?-July 2009.  RIP.

And so the digging began.  Oh, wait!  Pictures!

What?  You were expecting to see my new studio?  Patience, my fine feathered (or not, I do not discriminate) friends.  Come back for Chapter 2 – The Foundation for a Better Studio.