Jun 11 2009

Monster Crochet

I’d like to share some of my other crafty ventures, namely my newest skill – crochet.  It all began with a ninja from the book Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden, and since then I’ve been making amigurumi with a passion.  I’ve found that there is little as satisfying as making your kids stuffed toys, and seeing them snuggle up to them at night.

Along with Ravelry, a fantastic site loaded with ideas, patterns (many of which are free), and forums for any and all questions, I have found many, many great sellers of crochet patterns on etsy.  The Monster Mash – Barnabus from rosieok is one of these.  I used two different self striping yarns, and improvised the pattern of stripes and length of the arms, legs, and antenna as I went along.  I think he’s pretty adorable, and hope my nephew feels the same!


Jun 9 2009

Deets on Etsy

I have listed my first four items for sale on Etsy this week.  With several more sculptures in various stages of “almost finished” I plan to have more up for sale this weekend.  So go.  Buy.  And be the lucky one to give me my first Etsy sale!

Jun 8 2009

Peaking Peonies

Every day we have checked on the progress of our peony, watching the ants go to work, and delighting in the fact that transplanting the lone surviving perennial (other than countless daylilies) from our home’s past was the right decision.  Each spring this sad peony would start out optimistically, but by June would be desperately reaching for the sunlight, unable to reach out of the northern exposure it was condemned to. After much deliberation, last spring my son and I transplanted our long time resident to a sunnier spot only 5 feet away from its previous location and hoped.  and… success!  This spring the small little peony is the largest it has ever been, with nearly double the blooms of even the best year in its past.  And in the course of our own peony’s success we have come to delight in the impressive blooms so heavy that their stems can barely hold them up.

Imagine our delight in finding out that the Nichol’s Arboretum right here in Ann Arbor has an impressive peony garden, home to 234 peony cultivars with plantings dating from 1927.  The sky was threatening rain, but we decided it was well worth the risk of getting wet to see these beauties at their peak.

With all of the amazing and different varieties, I found myself taking countless pictures, smiling at the color and scent of all those flowers, and delighting in my son’s excitement as he ran from bed to bed calling to show me yet another amazing bloom.  So without further ado, here are some of the photos I took yesterday. It’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite.



Jun 3 2009

byDeets interview by Studio MME

The month of May has been a busy time for me.  In the midst of the Stanley Cup playoffs (go Wings!!), I’ve been working on several new sculptures, and sketching ideas for quite a few more.  After several months as a buyer, I have also begun to list some of my work in my etsy shop, deetsy.  And so byDeets continues to grow.

Now, etsy is a fabulous marketplace for all sorts of handmade items, from fine art all the way to bath and body products, toys, clothing, and just about anything else you can imagine.  And while there is a lot to sort through, there is also a lot of fantastic artists to admire.  One of those artists is Megan M. Eckman, aka Studio MME, with work such as “fear’s uncloaking” and “garden of lost souls“, pictured below.  This past weekend I had the honor of being showcased on her blog, and you can read the interview here!

So thanks to Studio MME for the opportunity to share my work, and give it up for etsy, a great marketplace for artists and artisans alike!