May 28 2009

Ann Arbor Co-op Nursery Auction

Back in February, the Ann Arbor Coop, where both my kids have gone to preschool, held their annual silent auction fundraiser.  Now, I have created hundreds of sculptures and yet you’d never know it looking around my own home.  (I have a real habit of selling or giving everything I make as gifts.)  So what better way to make something for myself and help the school our family loves at the same time?  Rocket is sculpted from kato and premo sculpey clay, and is standing on a vintage building block found at a wonderful shop in Ann Arbor, aptly named Found.  The best part?  Some $$ was raised for this fantastic school, and I get to sculpt one of our daughter’s classmates.  Have I mentioned that I love this school?


rocket mae


May 12 2009

Bunny Bust

Sweet Bunny Baxter hopped up to my sister’s doorstep in the spring of 2003.  A jet black bunny, friendly and sweet, he lived a good bunny life until this past fall.  In his memory I created a bust with a block of wood and candlestick for a base.  Baxter is sculpted from polymer clay, and fitting his regal bunny look, he wears a white cotton shirt, black tie, gray satin damask vest, and black velvet coat all custom made and handstitched.


May 4 2009

Garden obsession

I realized yesterday that nearly every facebook status update of mine in the past month is either me digging in my garden or watching the Red Wings.  Now, although that is certainly not the entirety of my life, both are quite serious obsessions of mine.  Since I’d rather not talk about the Wings’ triple overtime loss yesterday afternoon, I will instead talk about my garden.  Or, more accurately, show some pictures to compliment all those “digging in my garden” posts.  I think I may be suffering from verdant amour or is it amorous verdure?  Either way, when I see that weedy expanse at the side of my house, I’m thinking :”oooh! more digging!”



May 1 2009

Festifools of Ann Arbor

On April 5th, the downtown streets of Ann Arbor were filled with the characters of the 3rd annual Festifools Parade. The weather was ominous, with storms surrounding Ann Arbor, the radar showing groups of yellow arriving and then splitting around our town as though all of those porch prayer flags were working their magic. The awesomeness of this parade gives me the warm fuzzies about this town I live in. Next year, we HAVE to make a puppet.