Mar 3 2014

Painting in Progress



This painting has been an experiment in color layering.  Instead of mixing the colors before painting with them, I have been using one color at a time across the entire canvas, applying them in washes layered atop one another.  Starting with gray, then yellow, then red, and onward.  As the painting progresses it’s been very interesting to see the way in which the under layers shine through even if they’ve been covered numerous times.  While I do not think this is the most time effective way to create a portrait, it has certainly been helpful in achieving more depth in the skin tones in particular.  Changing your normal way of doing things is a great way to learn something new, and gain fresh perspective when repetition weighs you down.


May 3 2012

Work in Progress

Not unlike my daughter, who really doesn’t want me to look until her painting is finished, I am always a bit reluctant to share sculptures as they are in progress.  In the spirit of openness and stepping outside of my comfort zone, (I’m growing, I’m changing..), I am going to share some work as I create it.  I figure no better place to start than with the bust I have been working on for quite some time now, so, without further ado, here she is.

She’s made of super sculpey clay, with a wire and mesh armature.  The eyes are resin dolls’ eyes, and the base she’s on (not shown) is an old wooden spool.  The finished work is floating around in my head already, but there is quite a bit of work between now and then.  Tonight I’ll be spending some time on her shoulders and getting her profile a little more… something.