Nov 8 2013

Beautiful Australia and New Zealand

I still pinch myself now and again, realizing how amazingly fortunate I’ve been in my world travels.  The love of my life, ulotrichous, keeps getting truly amazing speaking invitations, and while early on I joked that any international travel had to include a spousal ticket, I didn’t at the time realize just how often I would be able to claim the rewards of that “rule”.

Lianza 2013 was held in Hamilton, New Zealand, and in addition to their invitation, it was sandwiched with speaking invites from the State Library in Brisbane, Australia beforehand, and a gig to finish at the State Library in Sydney.  All told, we spent 16 days in warm, sunny spring weather, gawking at sheep and postcard views, exploring awesome cities, and pushing our comfort zone with an amazing tubing trip through the famous Waitomo caves.

Without further ado, photos!  First up, three days in Brisbane, Australia

river walk


brisbane botanical garden



Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

IMG_4131IMG_4104IMG_4095 IMG_4127



Downtown Brisbane

IMG_4132 IMG_4134

Queensland Art Gallery

IMG_4140 IMG_4150 IMG_4155